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Mindfulness Everywhere

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v1 March 1st 2016

The beautifully effective sleep app, powered by mindfulness. We all know that a good night’s sleep means that we have a gentler, brighter and more focussed day. Sleepfulness brings the tried and tested techniques of mindfulness to this incredibly important aspect of our lives. Sleepfulness recognises that all parts of our day affect our sleep and so is packed with guided mindfulness tracks for four timezones: when we are going to bed, when we can’t sleep, when we’re waking up and during the day. The app also has a section containing additional insights for getting the most of the app, mindfulness tips & additional content packs available as in-app purchases to better customize your experience.

– 10 expert-written mindfulness tracks come bundled with the free app
– Currently four additional content packs available focussed on Stress, Anxiety, Brightness & Working with Pain
– Answer quiz questions receive personalized recommendations
– Discover additional insights on how to improve sleep
– Explore key mindfulness ideas and tips
– Presented within a beautiful calming interface
– All content based on techniques which have already helped tens of thousands of people improve sleep through Mindfulness Everywhere’s other products