How Sleepfulness works

After registration, you will see the Sleepfulness play wheel which shows you the tracks you have to choose from.

The app works out if you are Going to Bed, Can’t Sleep, Waking Up or in the Daytime. These are the four Timezones.

A track with a star is a a favourite. A blue dot means you’ve not played it before & a red cross is part of a paid pack.

If you like, you can have some music play at the end of the guided track. Hold the play button for this & other options.

Answer quiz questions to receive personalised recommendation of additional Sleepfulness packs ideal for you.

Buy additional packs in the Store focussed on Stress, Anxiety, Working with Pain, Brightness and more.

The Insights section contains usage statistics and facts to help improve your Sleepfulness experience.

Each Sleepfulness track has a Card which contains a valuable mindfulness concept, tip or trick.

Sleepfulness is avaiable for iOS and for Android.

Play around with the app to discover all of what it has to offer and if you have any more questions please look at our Support page.