Sleepfulness is made by Mindfulness Everywhere. We are a creative studio based in Glasgow, combining meditation, technology & design. Our other products to date include buddhify, the chart-topping meditation app for modern life, and Cards for Mindfulness which is currently sold-out except for large bulk orders following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Mindfulness has a small core team and wide network of design and digital talent who work on our products. These are the lovely people who helped bring Sleepfulness to life.

Mindfulness Everywhere
Rohan Gunatillake, Executive Producer & Content
Emmie McKay, Project Manager
Lucy Gunatillake, Design Research & Vocals

Mobile Development by Level Up
Becky Alves
Allan Brown
Raymond McGinlay &
Aidan Doherty

Visual Design by Jamhot
Graeme McGowan
Jamie Byers

Audio Production
Iain Thompson